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Rules for visitors


  1. Invisible Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as NW) is an artistic – cultural – educational project, aimed at bringing the essence of being blind, giving the opportunity to actually experience any of the inconveniences and learning aid for the blind and partially sighted in practical terms. Tour – group consists of maximum 8 persons – in exceptional circumstances 9th person can join, but at the sole responsibility of the group leader (in the case of children and adolescents), or each person in the group (for adults), but also with agreement of our Guide.
  2. The reception staff deals with the current information of the public, sales of tickets, assignment  of the Guides, as well as provides basic safety rules, which must be respected (Safety information can be found on the door next to the reception).
  3. Guides are blind or visually impaired. For safety reasons, visitors must strictly comply with the recommendations of the Guide. At any given moment or reason visitors have the right to leave NW, by informing the desire to leave the NW Guide that will guide the visitor back to “the visible” part.
  4. Tour consists of two parts – the “visible” and “invisible”. For the whole tour, visitors should reserve up to 75 minutes.
  5. NW employees have the right to refuse entry to intoxicated persons, minors without adult supervision, or in other cases, after consultation with the manager of the reception, or – during his long absence – Director of the NW.
  6. Purchase of a ticket (or a guest of Free NW) is considered equal to acceptation of the above rules, while declaring that one enters the exhibition of their own free will and take full responsibility for all actions that take place inside the NW. Should visitor need to leave the tour (due to fear, or any factors), the money for the ticket is non-refundable.
  7. Employees or NW Management Board do not take any responsibility for any fortuitous events, health or property damage, etc. that may arise due to the nature of the project and failure to comply with rules set forth by the reception staff and guides.
  8. Visitors are required to leave all kinds of mantles and jackets, handbags, bag packs etc., mobile phones, wristwatches and any light or sound emitting objects as well as recording devices in the lockers. Failure to comply is equal to resignation from the tour. Fee of 10zł is charged for loosing of the locker key. Visitors may ask reception employees to look after their key in which case NW employees are not responsible for visitors belongings left in the lockers.
  9. School groups – children and adolescents – for safety reasons we do not recommend our exhibition for persons with medium and high levels of disability. In case of low levels of disability we ask for a clear information about the disability. NW reserves its right to exclude from tour and not refund the price of a ticket in case NW staff should be not informed in advance.
  10. Children – we recommend our exhibition to children over the age of 8. Exemptions can be made basing on level of communication of a child and other factors. NW reserves its right to refuse a tour for a child under 8yo.
  11. Disabled persons – for our tour visitors need full use of their legs and hands as well as communication. We reserve right to refuse a tour for a people with special disabilities.
  12. MAKE SURE TO ARRIVE 15 MINUTES PRIOR TO BOOKED TIME IN ORDER TO PURCHASE TICKETS, LISTEN TO ALL INFORMATION FROM THE RECEPTION STAFF AND TO PREPARE FOR THE TOUR. In case of being late reception staff may refuse entrance to visitors coming late on grounds of comfort, quality and safety of the visitors.

Thank you and enjoy wonderful experience in the world of the Invisible Exhibition!